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The place to come for your engine or gearbox rebuilds.

We specialise in Porsche engine building and fitting, giving a 2 years warranty.

Engine rebuilds

Reconditioned gearbox's

Porsche IMS up grade

BMW timing chain up grade

PD camshaft change

Reconditioned turbo's

We are a family-run business. 

The idea of supplying engines and gearboxes has been with us from the start. From our humble beginnings as a vehicle parts supplier we improved our service in 2006 by joining forces with a well established engine and gearbox specialist business to supply rebuilt units. This quickly progressed to fitting engines and gearboxes.


We now supply a one year parts and labour warranty on gearboxes fitted, and a two year parts and labour warranty on engines fitted. We offer a recovery service to collect customers vehicles for engine and gearbox fittings if necessary.

By 2010 we decided to concentrate mostly on engines and gearbox rebuilds. Due to customer demand , we still supply parts, but these are now restricted to engine related only.


Thank you all for your support over the previous years.

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How we rebuild all our German, Porsche, BMW, VW, Audi, Seat, & Skoda engines:-
  1. The engine is stripped to bare component

  2. We then put all parts including the block into a high pressure cylindrical wash at high temperature with cleansing chemicals,this removes all carbon deposits and debris from previous failures. 

  3. From this stage the cylinder block is re-honed. Some may need to be re-bored & some may need re sleeving this would be at an extra cost.

  4. The piston rings are then changed with new kolbenschmidt or from maindealer.

  5. Connecting rods are then checked for true-ness.  

  6. The crankshaft is then checked and polished.

  7. After this the main, big end and trust bearing are replaced with kolbenschmidt bearings or maindealer.

  8. The oil pump is then recondition, if watercooled Porsche then new genuine oil pump is replaced.

  9. Cylinder head is stripped down and checked for wear, pressure tested for cracks and then face machined. 

  10. Valve guides are then checked for wear and replaced as necessary.

  11. After this valve seats are machined and valve stem seals are then replaced with new Elring stem seals.

  12. Refaced valves are re cut & the head then vacuum tested. 

  13. From there we refit the valves and followers as necessary. 

  14. The camshafts is then checked for wear and replaced as necessary. 

  15. The engine is then reassembled with new Elring or maindealer gaskets and seals etc.


We now have The New Vixen 1215 Vapour / Aqua Blast Machine in house please phone or email for cleaning prices.

All engines and gearboxes sold by Dal Jones Automotive are on exchange basis of serviceable units and surcharges may apply.

Any work undertaken and not completed will be charged at our hourly labour rate £85+VAT.

 Any works not paid for or vehicles not collected within 7 days of the invoice date, will incur storage charges of £20+VAT per day.

German engine specialists

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