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Broken camshaft carrier
Broken tensioner
Failed tensioner
Snapped BMW timing chain
Broken BMW timing chain
snapped BMW timing chain

BMW – Timing chain failure / broken

BMW 2.0 diesel engines from 2005 on appear to have a design issues affecting the BMW timing chain.

This has been down to the tensioners failing and week timing chains.

The BMW timing chains most commonly break on the 1,3 and 5 series, affecting the N47D20A and the N47D20C engines .This has also been happening to the 3.0 diesel M57 engines.

the BMW timing chain failure has become a big problem for many BMW owners, so much so that it has been featured on BBC Watchdog.

(Please see the below link)

When the BMW timing chain fails it can bend the inlet and exhaust valves this also can break the camshaft carrier if this does happen it will have caused a slight bend in the camshafts, please see the pictures above.

If you are affected by the BMW timing chain failure this will require an engine rebuild as there will be metal particles in the engine that will need to be removed also the damage to the valves even possibly the camshaft carrier will need to be rectified.


What we do when rebuilding BMW engines

  1. The engine is stripped to bare component

  2. We then put all parts including the block into a high pressure cylindrical wash at high temperature with  cleansing chemicals,this removes all carbon deposits and debris from previous failures.

  3. From this stage the Cylinder Block is re-honed. Some may need to be re-bored & some may need re sleeving this would be at an extra cost.

  4. The Piston Rings are then changed.

  5. Connecting Rods are then checked.

  6. The Crankshaft is then checked and polished.

  7.  After this the main and big end bearing shells are replaced with kolbenschmidt bearings.

  8. The oil pump is then checked and reconditioned where possible.

  9. Cylinder Head is stripped down and checked for wear, pressure tested for cracks and then face machined.

  10. Valves and guides are then checked for wear.

  11. After this valve seats are machined.

  12. Refaced valves are re cut, new stem seals are fitted and the head then vacuum tested.

  13. From there we refit the rockers and followers.

  14. The Camshafts are then checked.

  15. The engine is then reassembled with new Elring gaskets and seals etc.


When we replace your timing chain with the new uprated kit you will get all 3 chains including oil pump chain, all new guides,rails and tensioners. You will also get a genuine oil filter and oil change carried out at the same time 


£995 +VAT

All engines and gearboxes sold by Dal Jones Automotive are on exchange basis of serviceable units and surcharges may apply.

   Any work undertaken and not completed will be charged at our hourly labour rate £85+VAT.

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