Rebuilt with 1 year parts warranty                  

(Engine only) from

£  995 (1.2D)tdi

£1095 (1.2L)petrol
£  995 (1.4D)tdi

£1495 (1.4L)petrol

£1495 (1.6L)petrol

All above prices are excluding VAT

Rebuilt with 2 year parts and labour warranty

(supply & fit) from


£1495 (1.2D)tdi

£1495 (1.2L)petrol

£1495 (1.4D)tdi
£1995 (1.4L)petrol

£1995 (1.6L)petrol


All above prices are excluding VAT 

Please add and extra £295 if your vehicle is a 4X4

All engines and gearboxes sold by Dal Jones Automotive are on exchange basis of serviceable units and surcharges may apply.

   Any work undertaken and not completed will be charged at our hourly labour rate £85+VAT.

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