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 What we do when rebuilding all engines


  1. The engine is stripped to bare component

  2. We then put all parts including the block into a high pressure cylindrical wash at high temperature with cleansing chemicals,this removes all carbon deposits and debris from previous failures. 

  3. From this stage the cylinder bock is re-honed. Some may need to be re-bored & some may need re sleeving this would be at an extra cost.

  4. The piston rings are then changed.

  5. Connecting rods are then checked for true-ness & re-honed.  

  6. The crankshaft is then checked and polished.

  7. After this the main and big end bearing shells are replaced kolbenschmidt bearings

  8. The oil pump is then recondition.

  9. Cylinder head is stripped down and checked for wear, pressure tested for cracks and then face machined. 

  10. Valve guides are then checked for wear and replaced as necessary.

  11. After this valve seats are machined and valve stem seals are then replaced with new Elring guides.

  12. Refaced valves are re cut & the head then vacuum tested. 

  13. From there we refit the valves and followers as necessary. 

  14. The camshafts is then checked for wear and replaced as necessary. 

  15. The engine is then reassembled with new Elring gaskets and seals etc.

                        All engines and gearboxes sold by Dal Jones Automotive are on exchange basis of serviceable units.

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