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Often imitated, never duplicated. There is only one IMS Retrofit™!

The next generation of IMS Retrofit has arrived. The Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit is now available for your 2000-2005 Porsche Boxster or 911 fitted with a single row bearing IMS.

New for 2016. Classic Dual Row & Single Row Pro IMS retrofit kits now come with a 2yr/24,000 mi warranty when the procedure is carried out as preventative maintenance following the pre- and post-procedure guidelines. We are so confident in our product that we’ll even replace and refund the cost of your IMS retrofit if you do have a problem with the Classic Dual & Single Row Pro bearing.

The IMS Retrofit™ is a registered trademark of LN Engineering LLC and the original ceramic hybrid ball-bearing replacement for the M96 and M97 engine and the only one trusted by hundreds of independent mechanics and used by dealerships worldwide.

All other bearing replacements are just imitations. All genuine LN IMS Retrofit kits come laser etched, engraved, and serial numbered to validate their authenticity and feature custom-made, cryogenically treated ceramic hybrid ball bearings made exclusively for LN Engineering.

We are a UK based agent selling LN Engineering IMS bearings please see the links in above text in blue to direct you to LN Engineering website.

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We can offer an uprated IMS bearing replacement for your vehicle, This will include a new IMS bearing fitted a new rear main seal fitted also oil and filter change.

From £1200+VAT 

Years in the making and developed simultaneously to the IMS Solution, the second generation, patent pending, single-row Pro IMS Retrofit provides an angular contact, dual row ceramic hybrid ball-bearing with up to 90% more load capacity and like all previous IMS Retrofit kits, additional benefits include reduced wear and longer service life provided by the ceramic hybrid bearing employed by the IMS Retrofit kit.

The single row 6204 series ball bearing has a dynamic load rating of 2200-2900 lbs. The dual row bearing utilized in the Classic Dual Row and Single Row Pro retrofit kits have a dynamic load rating of 3300-4000 lbs. Ball bearings can carry 50% of their total load in thrust.

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