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Dr Ferdinand Porsche 

Founder of Porsche cars

"If one does not fail at times, then one has not challenged himself".

The company was founded by Ferdinand Porsche, who was the chief engineer at Mercedes-Benz. He later incorporated his personal engineering plant, where he had developed numerous designs for the ‘People’s Car’ or popularly known as the ‘Volkswagen’. By 1931, Ferdinand incorporated a company under his own name: ‘Porsche’.

Since he was the engineer for the first Volkswagen, the first Porsche created was manufactured from the machinery of the VW Beetle. In 1938, the first Porsche known as the ‘Porsche 64’ was released by the company. The vehicle gained a lot of popularity and this was the start of the successful time in the history of Porsche.



These Porsche engine rebuilds include new piston rings, crank/main bearings; con rod/big end bearings, hydraulics for both heads, new gaskets, seals, chains, all tensioners and all guides/rails. 
The engine is stripped to bare components and put into a high pressure cylindrical wash at high temperature with cleansing chemicals; 
this removes all carbon deposits and debris from previous failures. From this stage the cylinder bores are checked for wear, ovality etc.
Some may need new liners this would be at an extra cost.
The Pistons are checked and rings are then changed,

Connecting rods are inspected; the crankshaft is then checked and polished.
After this the main, big end and thrust bearings are replaced.

A new genuine the oil pump is fitted and scavenger pumps checked.
Cylinder heads are stripped down and checked for wear, cracks and for trueness then pressure tested and the face machined. 
Valve guides are then checked for wear and replaced as necessary, after this valve seats are machined. New stem seals are fitted.
Refaced valves are re cut and the head then leak tested. The camshafts are then checked for wear. Then engine is then re built with all new genuine seals and gaskets.

We can offer the below service when rebuilding the Porsche 911 or Cayman engines to prevent future occurrence:-

To machine and fit steel liners with a top hat design which ensures extra durability, to include new pistons during the full engine rebuild would prevent any future issues, its a well known fact these engines suffer with the cylinders going oval causing scoring to the bores. This is eliminated once these liners and pistons are fitted.

When rebuilding Porsche 911 996, 997, Cayman 3.4, 3.6, and 3.8 engines the below parts are also replaced:-


Main bearings, big end bearings, thrust bearings, piston rings, all chains and tensioners, all guides / rails, head bolts, con rod bolts, rail bolts, all seals, gaskets and new genuine Porsche oil pump.

Machining and relining, using 6 x new steel top hat liners and to include the pinning of the IMS shaft (helps prevent future IMS failures) and to overhaul the cylinder heads, which includes pressure testing, re facing, new stem seals and the valves re cut.


All the above £6495+VAT, with a one year warranty (engine only).

If you take advantage of our fitting service £7495 +VAT, you not only get all the above, but also new service items i.e. water pump, low coolant thermostat, NGK spark plugs, oil filter/ housing, new uprated exhaust manifold gaskets and clamps are added along with a new genuine air/oil separator.

This also comes with a two years parts and labour warranty.

All engines and gearboxes sold by Dal Jones Automotive are on exchange basis of serviceable units and surcharges may apply.

   Any work undertaken and not completed will be charged at our hourly labour rate £85+VAT.

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